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Default Re: Ratner's take on X3 a few years later.

Looking back on it; Phoenix, Cyclops & Rogue were pretty much toasted, burned and thrown out. Instead we ge Paranormal Activity Jean Grey, whimpy Cyclops dead in a few scenes and well, seeing as Rogue was one of the early major players in this "saga" of the X-Men Universe, the fact they ruined her is totally b.s.

However, there were things I liked, like Xavier's deathscene which was very emotional and I think worked very well, Kitty I thought was well done, Beast too. Angel was okay for what he was, and the final battle was pretty amazing in scope looking back on it.

So there are a lot of cons and a lot of pros after going back and watching it again, from someone (like me) that loved to hate on this movie and Ratner. Just chalk it up with the other movies that were ruined due to too many things going wrong with production all around the same time (such as actor schedules, too many clashing ideas on the script and characters, director changes, production costs, what have you).

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