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Thor Burger King Toy list!

Marvel's partnership with the fast food conglomerate Burger King isn't limited to toys based off of their film characters, though undoubtedly they are the most sought after. Kids, collectors and comic fans have been flocking to the popular restaurant chain to get their hands on any and all Marvel related merchandise for years, including toys based off of Marvel's Super Hero Squad and The Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon series. Marvel Studios' next live action film, THOR, will of course influence a new line of Kid's Meal toys; but which parts of the highly secretive movie will be represented?

Thanks to a member of the product development team, we now have a rundown of what toys will become available around the time the film hits theaters next summer. Here are the descriptions of the six items:

1) Mighty Thor Figure - The God of Thunder articulated in full costume with helm; Pose-able

2) Mjolnir "Lighting" Shooter - Thor's mystical hammer with the ability to shoot multiple "lighting" discs

3) Lady Sif Headdress - A miniature replica of the ceremonial helm worn by Sif in the film

4) "Rainbow" Ring - Unlock the secrets of the Bifrost Bridge, the gateway of the Gods of Asgard

5) Loki Figure - The God of Mischief casts a spell to "multiply" himself before your eyes

6) The Destroyer - Asgard's most powerful weapon, which only Thor may be able to stop; Pose-able

Unfortunately, since these toys are still in the prototype phase of production, they weren't detailed enough that images would do the final products justice. Fans who find themselves lacking the patience should be happy to note that the general public will get a good look at much of the THOR movie tie-in merchandise once the Iron Man 2 DVD/Blu-Ray is ready to hit store shelves.

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