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Default Re: <<Ask/Answer Thread>>Explanations to common Superman "complaint/plot holes" in mo

Originally Posted by afan View Post
Actually Star Trek involved a highly advanced civilization(advanced to the point that they considered themselves gods) seeding suitable planets, but Spock postulated that even that activity given the vastness of space, could not explain the preponderance of the development of similar humanoid live forms. I believe the episode was "Return to Tomorrow".

There is nothing about a random process that excludes duplication. The result of a dice throw is random, but seven will come up more than once.
When I said "primitive," I meant "rudimentary" not "uncivilized." Not that that really matters, since we're here to talk about Superman, not Star Trek, and we must isolate our various nerdy interests. Anyhow, with rolling dice, you have a 1 in 6 chance of getting 7, so duplication is inevitable with time. With evolution, you're basically dealing with odds of 1 out of infinity, so duplication is incredibly unlikely.

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