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Originally Posted by TheCorpulent1 View Post
The renewed interest in the character thanks to JMS' incredibly successful relaunch of his comic, his return to the Avengers, and his upcoming movie will probably mean more prominence for the character. Hell, even stuff like Hulk vs. Thor, although it sucked a lot, is at least getting Thor out there and giving him some more mainstream recognition. It's definitely one of the better times to be a Thor fan right now.
I had never seen the Hulk vs. Thor animation in its entirety, so I got it and just finished watching it. I don't know why Marvel had Thor go up against Hulk in this flick, as he was nothing but a punching bag for the Hulk from beginning to end. I mean, why not pit the Hulk vs. Wasp, or the Hulk vs. Nick Fury? What's the difference?

I don't think Thor has been on the public scene long enough to challenge the Hulk yet in the strength department. If his popularity increases after the movie, we'll see his strength increase, too. It appears that he's going to be normal-sized in the upcoming movie - nothing on the scale of a 9-ft. Hulk. I think Thor will be portrayed as a character that has a lot of strength, but he won't be in the same league as the big-screen Hulk, unfortunately. It's too bad the movies don't stay true to the comics (although of late the Hulk has been beating Thor's a** there, too).

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