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Default Re: The Official Nicholas Hoult/Beast Thread

Originally Posted by FaT_tONle View Post
Oh yeah Alice Eve right??? Just that Beast was a lot older than everyone else in the trilogy. It's the **** like this that makes me believe that are completely scrapping continuity and starting over. I can't buy this as a prequel if there are glaring inconsistencies with the ages and time frames of these characters from Wolverine and the OT, but to each his own.
Well, it's never really clear how old Beast could be in X3. He could be anywhere from 35 to 55. With all that makeup, it's hard to tell.

and he couldn't possibly be that much older than everywhere else and still flipping around and everything.. Like I pointed out, we still don't have any confirmation on the rest of the characters like Cyclops, Jean,...etc. He may turn out to be the oldest of the group by the time this is all confirmed.

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