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Default Re: The Official James McAvoy/Professor Xavier Thread

I realize we don't know anything, but aging someone to that extent usually consists of some extra skin patches and gray hair, which I think is safe to say they'll have to do without the latter. This casting just has a Magneto movie feel. They should have just stuck with that premise, but they probably felt it wouldn't have been as successful as a film with a plethora of mutants, so they merged the projects deciding that covering a span of two decades in one movie was safer and cheaper than two separate films. I would have just made this Magneto's movie, then come back a few years later to do a FC trilogy, almost as a redo of the entire series. Doesn't make sense to come back to X-4, because whomever they cast now will be way too young for X-4 even 5 years from now, and why bother recasting these roles for the third or even fourth times?

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