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Default Re: Batman: City of Scars

Originally Posted by IndyJokerJones View Post
Did Harley remind anyone else of Lady Gaga? She just didn't feel like Harley, she could have been any generic Arkham inmate because she had none of Quinn's personality, just an empty shell. She should have been bubbly, smiling, taunting Batman...instead she was rambling, out of it and just bland. Joker also wasn't all that great, not all that funny and the voice was a bit grating. Not to mention leaving a loaded gun within reach of a hostage? Joker wouldn't be that sloppy. A gun sure but it'd most likely be empty or have a BANG flag.

Other than that I loved Batman and the passion for the mythos was clearly there. I wouldn't mind seeing more from them in the future.
I didn't see anything that reminded of her. I thought the actress playing was ok nothing to brag about.

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