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Default Re: Filling in the Plot Holes

Have you ever seen where sequels go back and explain things that occurred in previous films? Perhaps, that's what Bay and his crew are doing to tie the three movies together? I admit, I missed Barricade, he just disappeared. As far as the shard bringing back Prime. We have to realize that we know things the main characters do not. Megatron needed "parts" and the shard. Where do they get parts for Prime? Jetfire who sacrificed himself at the end. Prime was alive but weak and needed parts just like Megatron. Autobots sacrifice, Decepticons murder! Besides, I don't even think Prime realizes how significant a Transformer he is. He is OPTIMUS PRIME but if you remember in the beginning of the first film he mentions the cube but "we know not where it comes from". He also does not know of the Fallen as he explains in the briefing "origin unknown". Perhaps, the third film will bring to light the origin of the Transformers? It is possible, The Fallen did not tell Megatron he was already a Prime so he would not try to overthrow him. Megatron is so blinded by his pride and rage, he does not realize this. Yes, he should have thought something when he could kill Optimus but didn't because he was blinded by his own rage and the mission TO GET SAM. Plus, let's read the script carefully. Take it for what is, don't reword it. The Fallen said only a Prime can defeat him. Yes, that COULD mean only a Prime can kill a Prime but keep in mind you don't have to kill to defeat. Bumblebee defeated Barricade without killing him. Maybe he meant in a one on one fight only a Prime can defeat a Prime? Instead of mocking Megatron killing Prime and calling it stupid think if there is something emerging about Megatron. All I am saying is that we have to suspend our beliefs a little and not be so picky. It was an awesome movie and whether it was plot holes or editing errors, let your imagination fill them in, it makes it even more fun. Instead of letting our imaginations go we would rather beat up the director. Bay seems like a prankster so maybe he made a more intelligent film than we are giving credit for? Keep in mind, he answers to people too. The studio wanted it by a certain date so blame them. Apparently, they don't care if you enjoy the movie or not they just need your butt in the seat. Michael Bay from what i heard tried to get it pushed back and they refused. So he did the best he could. I loved the movie and the fact that Michael Bay did so well under such pressure makes we wonder how much better the movie could have been if the studio execs left him alone. I blame them! As far as the constructicons go I wish we could have seen individual robot forms before merging, I like the explanation about why the multiple constructicons, it makes sense. They have nothing else to imitate but the ones who already arrived. I like the Doctor alot and his accent does not bother me. Remember they want to blend in so they pick up EVERYTHING! "We learned earth's languages from the world wide web" seemed to explain Jazz so why are we bashing the Doctor? Sam didn't necessarily die and go to Robot heaven. Remember all the cubes energy was now in Sam. He was able to access the history and connect with those in the past Just like the animated Prime did in the "Return of Optimus Prime" cartoon. I also think the critics wanted to beat up Michael Bay. From what i read he insulted the Hollywood elite by saying screw the critics. I guess they were gonna show him! So who knows. In conclusion because I could go on all day. I think ROTF was more for Trans geeks but for some reason we all want to stay in 1984. As long as the film pays homeage to one of the greatest toy ideas and cartoons in history I am fine with it. Since it is a trilogy I am going to give Bay the benefit of the doubt that many what think are plot holes are questions to be answered later and meant to keep us coming back for more. Like I said before, the critics beat him up ALOT. I remember before even seeing the movie I thought it was bit much. I mean they railed him. If it was THAT bad the first few viewers would have spread the word or people would have listened to the critics and it NEVER would have reached over $400 MILLION! I can't wait for TF3 and look forward to the end of what is ending up being one of the best trilogy's of all time and not just because i am a TF geek.

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