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Default Re: The Official Nicholas Hoult/Beast Thread


Again with the athletic frame!

This ain't Angel. This is the BEAST.

Like I said, in most interpretations, pre-furry Beast's body is so exaggerated and large that no matter how much this guy works out, he'll never get to that size anyway. He may put on 20lbs by the time filming starts to build up his outline, but that's pretty simple to do if it's even necessary.

If they're trying to do this right, Hoult's size shouldn't really be a major concern because he'll most likely have prosthetics anyway. Kelsey Grammer got away with it fine and it worked well since he was clothed most of the time, he was older too and had all that bulk and fur to further accentuate his look.

Aside from the weird-looking forearms muscles, Vinnie Jones'/Juggernaut's body suit looked pretty good on-screen. I would expect something similar to that.

P.S. Did anyone lol at the first pic? Poor Jean...

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