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Default Re: Thor game making progress

SEGA has excited legions of Marvel fans by unveiling Thor: The Video Game for release on "all five major consoles" in summer 2011.
SEGA has then cast a shadow of doubt over the project by revealing it to be an accompaniment of the Thor film.
No one mention Iron Man.
Still, Thor may have some legs. Acclaimed writer Matt Fraction (!) is consulting on the story and drawing inspiration from the comic and not, apparently, the film.
You'll obviously be muscular man Thor [who doesn't have a beard -Ed] who wields his massive storm-controlling Mjolnir hammer into the face of any that stand in his way. You'll be able to upgrade your Thor as the game progresses.
The PS3 and Xbox 360 games will have the graphical clout, where as the Wii, DS and PSP games "will be presented in a comic book style".
No assets yet.

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