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Default Re: <<Ask/Answer Thread>>Explanations to common Superman "complaint/plot holes" in mo

Cool thread!

1. how does LOIS not know Clark Kent is Superman:

Lois never gets a good look at Clark, and Clark's Alibis are airtight. Even when she, and others, realizes they have some similarities, Clark knows how to time a recorded call, covertly use heat vision, and change en route to appear to be in two places at once as Superman and Clark Kent. If he does it smartly, it seems more plausible than any sci-fi explanation. That said, she suspects, and if the director is good enough, she knows, but won't admit it to herself.

Seeing Clark, under the effects of kryptonite, get injured by something that wouldn't hurt Superman doesn't hurt.

2. How the costume was made:

The costume was made from the cloth lining and swaddling clothes inside the ship. Cut by heat vision, patterned by Martha Kent and sown by the man of steel himself, all done in about 25 seconds of a montage.

3. why he chooses the wear the costume:

To fulfill his father's mission, to redeem humanity from it's hopeless, faithless, ruthless despair.

4. why doesn't the costume get damaged:

Kryptonian fabric is uber-flexible. It gives so much, and Superman's skin doesn't, so it doesn't break. Martha's attempt to cut it makes this clear in about five seconds. You could even have an early human-fabric costume that is a nod to the golden age symbol and colors.

5. why does Superman love Lois?

Because Lois is awesome, she's the smartest, fiestiest, bravest, slickest, and deep down inside most caring person he's ever met in all his travels. Lois makes Wonder Woman look like Paris Hilton.

6. why did Clark Kent become a superhero?

He's not a superhero, in his mind. He's a defender, and he does it because he's the only one who can and if he were in our position, he would want someone to save and defend and inspire him. It started with an alley mugging that he happened to stop, and from there, well, it was all over from there.

7. what did Clark Kent do from leaving Smallville to deciding to become a journalist? he could have literally been anything.

traveling the world, learnin languages, cultures, people, doing agriculture around the world, exploring his powers and their limits,

8. Why can't the FOS get discovered with today's technology?

It's too reflective, special properties in the minerals. This would be explained in a backup/prequel comic, not in the movie. No one cares.

9. Why is everyone so accepting of Superman right away? Wouldn't most people flip out?

They aren't. It sparks up a huge media outburst, religious fanatics, alien conspiracy theorists, all manner of madness. That's why Lois' interview is so important, as well as Lex's smear campaign.

10. Why does Lex hate Superman so much? How did Lex make his billions?

Superman steals the hearts of Metropolis, which is what Lex leverages to make his billions. By underwriting and generally owning just about everything in the city, directly or indirectly, Lex Luthor has built metropolis up himself, to him, Metropolis is his Sim City, and he manages everything about it, except Superman. Getting a cut of everything that happens in a New York-sized city will make you billions.

Originally Posted by Supermanila View Post
about the clark disguise:

it really is about projection, as mentioned here several times, superman projects confidence, power, authority, altogether a different persona, while clark projects a different personality. Granted they look a like, but it can and does work.

fact #1: elvis joined an elvis look-a-like contest in a US burger bar during the 70s and guess what, he only won 3rd place.

fact #2: arnold schwarzenegger joined a radio contest on who sounds most like arnold himself, and guess what, he lost.

you see, without us knowing that it's the same person, the same actor, sometimes it can be overlooked. A certain level of suspension of disbelief is still required, but I think the explanation of different personalities and demeanor between clark and superman already works and is fine for me.
That explains the masses. Perry, Jimmy and Lois work closely with Clark and cover Superman heavily. Celebrity status won't make Lois' ability to be held by Superman and sit across from Clark and not recognize the two any more plausible. There has to be something else, though it's a good idea to throw that in there as why Clark isn't recognized on the street.

Originally Posted by That person View Post
Why do Kryptonians look identical (or at least very, very similar, going by Birthright) to humans?
Sheer dumb luck. That's why the Kryptonian scientfic community was so interested in Earth in the first place, because Earth is, incredibly, on an earlier part of the same exact genetic evolution. Incredible! Lara even remarks this as they are packing baby Kal-El into the ship.

My questions, answering these would shut up a lot of my friends who bag on superman as a hak or 'less realistic' your mileage may vary...

11. With the CIA and military having advanced tracking technology, satellites and the like, why has no government agency been able to ascertain Superman's identity.

12. How can Superman catch planes at one point and they not break? How can he carry people at super speed and they not be smooshed?

13.Why would Lex Luthor be interested in Kryptonite, if at all? How is it an energy source? It's a mineral.

14. Why does superman constantly hold back? It seems superspeed would be a quick safe way to end virtually all of his physical challenges, but he always moves at normal human speed. Why?

15. How can Luthor seem intensely threatening to Superman, and conversely, how can Superman seem like his powers are not what make him awesome/give him his internal strength?

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