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Default Re: Jennifer Lawrence/Mystique. Introducing this sexy and talented actress.

^ok...I see where you're coming from

but I would like to see Mystique (if she is a student) as 1 of those students who had a horrible upbringing and because of her past she can't let go and Xavier is working w/her, but can't seem to get through to her while Eric on the other hand is using that "hatred" to his own advantage...

also yes I remember that line (the only line she had in X1), but still its not enough, I think a lot of ppl were afraid to go to school one point in their life, because they were bullied or different, but that doesn't explain why they choose to live a life doing bad things and I don't think the trilogy did a good job far as giving her a story as to why she is devoted to Magneto and when she got turned back human it hurt her...I get her name is a pun for "mystery or mysterious", buts it better to have an explantion for her character instead of being a "lacky" ala Toad & Sabertooth, @least in X2 we saw how/why Pyro went to his side and that was good enough...but like Jen said 1st Class clarifies a lot for her and Mystique so...

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