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Default Re: <<Ask/Answer Thread>>Explanations to common Superman "complaint/plot holes" in mo

1. How does LOIS not know Clark Kent is Superman
Even if Clark looked like Superman, it's an absurd idea to her that Superman would ever spend time as a normal person.

3. Why he chooses the wear the costume:
He needs something to wear, and a costume honoring his Kryptonian heritage is just the thing.

6. Why did Clark Kent become a superhero?
Good ol Ma and Pa let him know he's special and should use his special gifts for the sake of humanity.

7. What did Clark Kent do from leaving Smallville to deciding to become a journalist? he could have literally been anything.
What if he just likes journalism?

8. Why can't the FOS get discovered with today's technology?
Who says it can't?

9. Why is everyone so accepting of Superman right away? Wouldn't most people flip out?
They come to trust him after finding out what kind of a person he is.

10. How did Lex make his billions?
Doesn't matter.

11. With the CIA and military having advanced tracking technology, satellites and the like, why has no government agency been able to ascertain Superman's identity.
Some things are just considered sacred or, nobody believes he's anything but Superman. Why would he be?

12. How can Superman catch planes at one point and they not break? How can he carry people at super speed and they not be smooshed?
It's a comic book. Lots of things are stretched, including physics.

13.Why would Lex Luthor be interested in Kryptonite, if at all? How is it an energy source? It's a mineral.
He finds out somehow that it hurts Superman.

14. Why does superman constantly hold back? It seems superspeed would be a quick safe way to end virtually all of his physical challenges, but he always moves at normal human speed. Why?
Fear of his own power. Too much might exacerbate the problem.

15. How can Luthor seem intensely threatening to Superman, and conversely, how can Superman seem like his powers are not what make him awesome/give him his internal strength?
A) Superman knows that Lex is willing to go as far as it takes to get his way.
B) His humanity and optimistic look on life. He sees the good in everyone, even Lex.


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