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Default Re: <<Ask/Answer Thread>>Explanations to common Superman "complaint/plot holes" in mo

Thank you for answering, now I'm going to bother you about it.

Originally Posted by Blitzkrieg Bop View Post
Some things are just considered sacred or, nobody believes he's anything but Superman. Why would he be?
I'm not talking about normal people, I'm talking about intelligence agencies. Nothing is sacred, and they don't get paid for 'beliefs,' they get paid for facts.

My Answer: The DEO/DEA/Amanda Waller/General Eiling controls all information about Superman. It is a 'no touch' case for intelligence agencies, who are as likely to investigate Superman as they are Iranian communiques. It's someone else's department, 'or else.' As such, the DEA/Waller/etc know exactly who Superman really is, even may have some interesting Kryptonian artifacts, which are revealed to him when they meet up with him sometime during the second movie/battle against Brainiac.

It's a comic book. Lots of things are stretched, including physics.
This logic is popular here, but overall incorrect. After the premise of the movie (the superpowers involved) any further negligence of real world science is troubling to a moviegoing (not comic reading) audience. Just because Superman can fly doesn't mean Lois Lane can fly. That would be troubling and inconsistent and unexplained. Likewise, Superman bouncing heat vision off of a brick wall would have the same effect on a smaller part of the audience. Likewise, Superman picking up an airplane by the wing on an even smaller part. In none of these three cases is "things get stretched" satisfying to the disturbed part of the movie going audience.

My Answer: Superman's electromagnetic field is actually explained by STAR labs scientists, as much bigger than ours, which allows socks to cling to us with static electricity. The Kryptonian field allows them leverage on very large objects, explaining how Superman could pick up that boat this morning and not puncture a hole straight through it.

Fear of his own power. Too much might exacerbate the problem.
I still don't understand, why would he not use Super speed as often as super strength? He doesn't seem afraid of that...

My Answer: Superman is not 'good' with his superspeed, and while he has a high top speed, he's not actually that 'quick' unless he's unhinged, running off pure adrenaline, red kryptonited, or otherwise mentally compromised. The same reason he can't move at his top speed is the same reason that we can't: biology.

A) Superman knows that Lex is willing to go as far as it takes to get his way.
B) His humanity and optimistic look on life. He sees the good in everyone, even Lex.

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