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Thanks to Whiskey Tango we have news on the Mysterious Mjolnir at sdcc!


This year's Hasbro Comic Con booth revealed many surprises for Marvel fans. The action figures of Captain America, Thor, Loki and Odin for the Captain America and THOR movies were the probably the most unnoticed by the teeming masses. The most noticeable were the three giant display of the Iron Man 2 armor, Captain America shield and Thor's hammer, Mjolnir. I recently received word from one of the Hasbro representatives who was working the booth at this year's Con that the Thor display showed the actual Mjolnir toy which will be released in stores to correlate with the film.

The hammer is slightly smaller in scale (and noticeably thinner) than the actual prop used for the film. The Rune-style etchings on the hammer match the ones in the film, as well. The button located near the top of the handle emits "thunder" and striking sound effects when activated:

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