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Default Re: ATTENTION: Bootlegged Pics/Videos Are a No-No

Originally Posted by The Lumberjack View Post
SHH is officially part of the machine. They keep the people who read this site faithfully and click their ads and pay their bills from seeing or even finding other sites that might have the information we really want and in turn they stay buddy-buddy with the studios and get their exclusives and their fun set visits (which are pointless and boring btw). It's not like it's the end of the world obviously since we're dealing with comic book movies, but it's just silly. And users even champion the rules that keep them from seeing the good stuff. Bravo, SHH.
I'm not that active in this community, but I would like to share my opinion from a journalistic standpoint; even though I've been doing this for less than a year. Journalism has always been about bringing solid news to the masses. With the print medium now being completely overshadowed by internet news sites, the emphasis on reporting news/rumors/scoops has switched from quality to quantity. Though I understand the nature of the beast, I don't like it. That doesn't mean I won't play the game. Readers, especially comic fans, want their pics, vids, movie secrets and cast interviews now, now, NOW. Giving them the goods is what makes you known in the community; and thus, gives your site(s) attention.

I get asked an average of 10 times per month to remove content from my articles that the studios don't want to see up (i.e. Abin Sur's ship in Green Lantern, Martin Jordan's jet, Mjolnir in IM2, Marvel casting info, etc.). The request always comes with the "we'll trade you this removal for exclusive content down the road" shtick. That may have been a offer great years ago, but with the way the internet works nowadays it's an archaic one.

Knowing the nature of the beast, and how to manipulate it, why would I trade exclusive (albeit leaked) content for official content that I can instantly aggregate from any site as soon as they post it? Once any other site has the "exclusive" image, set visit, etc. posted, all you have to do is aggregate and source it and BINGO, you have it on your site(s) as well. Not very exclusive anymore, is it? It doesn't make sense in the internet world. It's a print medium philosophy.

To survive, and make your mark, in this industry, you have to give the people the goods when it becomes available. Unfortunately, that means walking a very fine line. It would be nice if things worked differently, but they don't anymore.. No one way to do it is wrong (or right), everyone just has a different way of working.... unless you just make **** up to get hits; that's definitely wrong.

Just my two cents

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