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Default Re: Transformers: Prime

Originally Posted by Jochimus View Post
Eric Siebenaler from Hasbro hinted at Botcon that there might be an Optimus toy (some of the other TF sites also mention rumblings about Bulkhead, who's also in the new show).

And even if it's true, I don't suspect it would be any worse in show-accuracy than some of the first Movie figures - in the decade since Beast Machines, Hasbro/Takara have come a LONG way in getting the toys to closely resemble their screen counterparts. It's just another nut for them to crack, IMO.
No question that Hasbro/Takara are great at what they do. But I can't help but think that at least one or both of the modes of the Optimus toy (if they really make it) will be compromised in some way. As impressive as the leader class ROTF Optimus Prime toy is, it still has an unflattering amount of backpack kibble. I can see the same happening to this version of Prime. Still hope I'm wrong. I really really want a toy of this version of Cliffjumper.

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