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Default Re: The Official James McAvoy/Professor Xavier Thread

Originally Posted by Electrix View Post
McAvoy can do many accents so you don't have to worry about that. He did American in Wanted and English in Atonement.

Height isn't that much of an issue to be honest. If they need him to be taller they'll use camera angles etc. In the event Charles loses his legs in this height won't matter at all.
It's still weird...Xavier, when he first meets Jean with Magneto in X3, him and Erik look to be in their early 40's or so and he's walking around fine...

Originally Posted by Schlosser85 View Post
Why would McAvoy's height be an issue? It's not like Patrick Stewart is a big man.
Well, he's not a small man either. Stewart has at least 2 inches on him..

But, it's not an issue at all, IMO.

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