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Default Re: The Official James McAvoy/Professor Xavier Thread

Age makeup and digital effects are getting better these days.

Kate Winslet in The Reader plays her character from her 30s to an old woman.

Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson are playing their characters 19 years later in the Harry Potter epilogue.

It's not impossible for McAvoy and Fassbender to play Xavier and Magneto over a couple decades, actors have done it plenty of times before.

Although I would worry about McAvoy continuing to play Xavier into older age making it harder for he and Patrick Stewart's portrayals to gel. I hope he starts looking plausibly like he could end up as Stewart as times goes on, but the older his Xavier gets onscreen, the harder this will be, IMO.

Assuming this is part of the same continuity as the other movies...

You can fit like 3 more scenes if you play the chorus twice like in the actual song.

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