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Default Re: Batman: City of Scars

It reminded me of a number of different comics, a feel of Man Who Laughs with TKJ. This was incredibly well done, especially for its budget. I must admit that I did not like the batsuit though, it did nothing at all for me. I did like the actor playing Batman though. Paul Molnar was decent, I think he's overacting and trying a bit too hard. I like that he's trying to find his own distinctive Joker instead of copying Ledger or Hamill but his voice just sounds really bad. It's like Mark Hamill with a cold meets Michael Jackson. Thank God he no longer had that absolutely hideous chin from Patient J, it was far too distracting. I liked how the Joker was written though. The scene where it looks like the Joker is pissing on the guy but pulls back to show he's using his acid flower was brilliant. Loved Scarface but Zsasz was lame. The overall atmosphere was terrific, I just love the gargoyles and the gritty noir style. The voice over was completely unnecessary and overdone, I liked the thematic issues the short presented though and the whole "Batman would do best to kill Joker" thing even though it's one we've been over so many times before. Overall a job well done.

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