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Default Re: Can Batman escape the "Third Act Curse"?

Return of the Jedi was a great trilogy ender but it was not as good as The Empire Strikes Back, probably because of the Ewoks and because we didn´t have a big suprise like in the empire strickes back, but let me tell you, many hate the star wars prequels but i can´t say that because episode III was the reason why i really started to see the other films too, and episode III, if considered as a 3rd film then we can say that it was a great 3rd film, many star wars fans think that episode III was almost as good as empire stri Back,
And now returning to batman, i think that Nolan can pull it off, the script was already written, and so the story is already prepared, since i saw my first batman film, which was Batman Begins and not the older ones, i began to consider batman my favourite hero, i consider The Dark Knight and the future batman 3 an event.
It is going to be terribly difficult to make something better without the joker but i hope nolan can make it right, but some of you forget about mad hater, he and some other villains that appeared in the films, eccept the joker couldn appear in The Batman 2004 tv series because nolan wanted them in batman begins or it´s sequel, now it only remains him, and Killer croc, deadshot and firefly have already appeared in the gotham knight animation set in the nolanverse.
I like Batman Returns and many people also consider it as good or better than the original batman film, if batman 3 fails in least i can laugh in the face of those who want the green goblin in the spider-man reboot alá the joker in the dark knight.
But i hope that doesn´t need to happen.

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