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Default Re: how to fix wolverines character

Originally Posted by Karelia View Post
I think the most noticeable scene was when he was in the bathroom at the old folks home. People were whispering how bad they looked in theater. They were just bad...

I agree, you can get an accurate depiction of Wolverine without an R rating. I'll never understand the obsession to have R ratings for comic book movies.
I'll agree with this to an extent. Wolverine is the kind of character that begs for an R-rating, due to his nature in the comics. He's a violent, sadistic brute who has a righteous amount of honor and bravery, enough to call him a hero of sorts. Anything less is watered-down, especially with a PG-13 rating. Any popular, sucessful depiction of Wolverine from the comics portrays him in a violent manner where he's relentless and angry, with gore splattering everywhere. It doesn't need to be taken to a Saw-like extreme, but enough so the audience understand the grimy and violent world that Wolverine lends himself to.

The best way to fix Wolverine is to take away his need to cry and break down every 5 minutes and for him to be much more cenetered, while displaying a agressive state of mind, as well as a focus on what he believes is right. Having him bawl about his girlfriends and back down from fights, particualrly fights that last 2 minutes is a huge mistake. He needs to be agressive, with a dark sense of humor, and a character that can described as unstoppable. Not just because he's got an indestructable metal in his bones, but becase he's just that good at what he does, and will accept nothing less.

An even better way is to make X-MO:W a dream, and re-do his origin with a better director and Fox's now present need to no longer **** up their own movies, but dreams can't come true.

If any character has ever earned the right to enjoy a happy retirement, it is Bruce Wayne. Nolan ought to be commended for caring enough about the character and believing enough in his own vision to provide a definitive, satisfying ending to the story of an ordinary man who turned tragedy into the motivation to accomplish something extraordinary.

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