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Default Re: how to fix wolverines character

Originally Posted by danoyse View Post
A second montage wouldn't have worked, since it would have been just a few minutes after the opening credits montage (which was one of the best parts of the film). But just a more detailed scene, or maybe a second mission where you got to see the other characters show off their powers some more - especially Wolverine, since he didn't get to do anything in the scene we got, and got to see how it went bad to justify him leaving.

In the end, the Team X scene's only purpose was to show where the adamantium came from, and even that was really a vague explanation.

I actually thought the Team X scene went really well, it just need to be so much more.
It would've been cool to see Logan and Victor integrated into the team, with Logan being a little uneasy about the idea of working with the team, and Victor fitting in perfectly.

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