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Default Re: how to fix wolverines character

Originally Posted by danoyse View Post
It also would have been to nice to explain when he changed his name to Logan. That was the first thing my sister asked me after she saw the movie. It was never explained (we knew where it came from, but that had to be confusing for everyone else).
That's something that I don't really get at all. If they had mentioned Victor's father by name, then maybe the audience could've assumed that James took on that name, but that would've also left Victor Creed's name up in the air. I guess they just left it up to the audience to decide how he came up with the name Logan.

Originally Posted by DarkSovereignty View Post
one thing that i hope they work on his hair. i don't remember it being too bad in origins, but i remember his first scene in x2 when i caught it on FX a few months ago, i cracked up at how ridiculous it was just so obviously gelled, i don't mind them going for a "wild" look, but please, don't make it LOOK like he just had hair stylists slaving over his melon for an hour.
The Origins hair was ridiculous at some points - take the Logan/Sabretooth fight in Stryker's base (right after Victor threatened Silverfox), it's all poofy and all over the place when they both came crashing down from the windows. I'd take his X2 hair any day, as compared to that.

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