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Default Herc cameo?

As I posted a week or so ago on one of the Thor threads, I said how I'd watched the Clash of the Titans remake after watching the Thor footage and the thought had struck me about how awesome it would be for someone to make one of those 'fan trailers' that you see on youtube so that we got to see Hopkins' Odin share some screen time with Neesons' Zeus being that it would probably be the closest we'd get to seeing the two Marvel omnipotents on the screen at the same time; not to mention the fact that it would also give us comparitive shots of Asgard and Olympus >geekasm<

Well, that may or may not happen [fingers crossed it does though] but I know one things for certain as a result- the idea has now made me certain that I'd absolutely love to see a Hercules cameo in the Thor sequel somewheres.

To any nay-sayers who poo-poo the idea right of the bat, all I'll ask is that they just think about it at least -all it would require would be a single scene, say an ale-fuelled arm-wrestling match between Thor and Herc in a tavern or pub (how's that for old school? ), and you could validate such a scene by having Herc there to provide exposition for the plot, maybe have him give Thor some vital information that he's been searching for or something.

Given the two characters unique relationship ('brother from another mother' sums it up quite nicely, I reckon - twinned by the unique responsibility of being airs to such immense, and similiar, legacies) and that he's been a part of Thor's world since early on - it'd be nice to see Herc get some screen time given that I doubt if he'd feature in the Avengers as, ironicaly, due to Thor's presence he'd actually be kinda redundant.

As I said, I'm not asking that he's a full on supporting character or anything - just a cameo so as not to overshadow the movie from being about the Norse gods; a little nod to the fans and an acknowledgement that Olympus exists in the Marvel cinematic movie universe.

As for casting - go the Hemsworth casting route and get a fairly unknown actor of equal stature to Chris, have them undertake the same training regime, slap a beard and some false tan on the guy and, hey presto, we have ourselves a Hercules.

So c'mon guys and gals - what do you say?

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