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Default Re: Superman III - The Official Thread

Originally Posted by Batman Beyond View Post

Other than that, pretty ridiculous movie, and Richard Pryor's worst performance in a movie, ever...
No, I would say that distinction belongs to his performance in 'Jo-Jo-Dancer', his flop autobiographical movie, that is frickin' awful.
I think he has some great moments in SMIII, when he collects the Tar Kryptonite..'What the hell am i afraid of....I'm from Earth!', standing in the dole queue, his 1st conversation with whatdamacallhimmanfrom Uncleman,...but i cannot stand that scene where he is the army general barking really loud, not funny and annoying, it is almost a work of art on creating the annoying that scene, in fact it is.

But, I agree with the rest of your post, it is not as bad a watch as I always held it to be for many years, I quite enjoy it when I bang on the dvd nowadays, but boy, was I disapointed when I saw that flick in the cinema when it came out, the first two were like Star Wars movies to me, and that third one was like the CannonBall run.

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