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Default Official Clark Gregg/Agent Coulson Support Thread

This thread is devoted to the under-appreciated but important SHIELD agent and member of the Avengers Initiative: Agent Coulson played by Clark Gregg.

What started as an almost throw away character in Iron Man has become the every man of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From the looks of it in the Thor trailer he will get more of an edge in that film. Hopefully he gets the chance to kick some ass either in Thor or The Avengers.

If you've seen any of his recent interviews (SDCC) you'll know that Clark Gregg basically walked into this whole thing blind and it seems that no one is more excited for these films than him. It's a very admirable quality to see in an actor.

So this thread is for Agent Coulson love. The only member of the "Elite 8" Avengers announced at Comic Con that still no one will put in a manip, lol.


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