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Default Re: how to fix wolverines character

Originally Posted by x-fan View Post
1000 times I agree, unfortunately if it takes a decade Christian Kane will be to old for the part.
Unfortunately, I think it will be at least that long until we see marvel regain the X-men rights. Fox is still pushing ahead with their X-men movies, which, no matter how hard I try, I just can't find the will to get excited for. Wolverine: Origins was easily the weakest of the three, and I have no faith that they'll be getting any better. I just want them to let it die so we can start over.

The most frustrating aspect though, is that a good portion of the cast was so perfect. Stewart was spot on as Prof X. Jackman was a pretty darn solid Wolverine (they just should have used some camera magic to make him look shorter). Schrieber as Sabertooth was great, McKellen was wonderful as Magneto, Reynolds as Wade Wilson was a fanboy dream, and Marsden looked pretty spot on as Cyclops, he just didn't get a whole lot to do.

I would have loved to see the casts we've gotten in better scripts. And I'm not even saying X1 or X2 were bad movies. They were good, but I think we could have gotten something a little more in tune with the comics and just as good.


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