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Default Scores To Marvel Films: Which do you like the most?

Mine is very frankly Carlo Siliotto's Punisher Score from 2004. I found it simply fantastic. It sounded sort of like a western and added so much tragedy to it.

This was just intense:

And the Punisher theme is just so fitting and awesome. I love its many changes to fit the tone throughout the film.

My favorites of the score are, Setting A Trap, The Punisher, The Massacre, Gods Gonna Sit This One Out, Entering The Fort, Skull (The Punisher Theme Extended ), Castle's Loneliness, Punishment, and You Don't Understand definitely. My favorite is probably Gods Gonna Sit This One Out because it combines Castle's Loneliness, The Punisher Theme, and then creates an awesome sounding original tune. All in all scores like The Punisher are the reason that I mainly listen to scores to movies and video games.

Daredevil also had a great score, the main theme completely fit The Man Without Fear and it was greatly written but the Punisher's is just too good. Though I do think Daredevil easily has the best soundtrack (as in the compilation of songs used throughout the film such as Bring Me To Life, Hang On, Learn The Hard Way, etc)

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