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Default Re: how to fix wolverines character

Originally Posted by Infinity9999x View Post
The bolded part was one of my biggest problems with Origins (and the fact that it was written pretty poorly).

I tend to agree with Origins (the original 2001 comic) take on Wolverine. He's a good guy that's had a whole ton of crap piled on him in his life, so he's become a very grizzled and hard person, but a good heart lies under all that gristle.

However, Wolverine did go through a period when he was a very bad person. He killed a lot of people. And to be honest, as cool as it was to see Deadpool own a room of people, we needed scenes of Wolverine doing that. We needed to see Wolverine go in, carve up a room of goons and enjoy it. Because THAT's the part of him that he tries to hide later in life. That animal inside him that wants to fight, and LOVES to fight. That's the side of him that he's scared of.

All the lines about "you're not an animal" ect. ect. fell flat in that movie because they didn't do anything to explore that area of Wolverine. He was more of a goody goody in Origins then he was in X1 or X2.

Also, Wolverine: Origins messed up by not going into the horrors Weapon X inflicted upon Logan. They did more then put metal in him. They tortured him physically, but more importantly, they tortured him mentally. They tried to erase his humanity and tried to turn him into an animalistic killing machine. That's another reason why he has to struggle so much against his violent impulses, because of the intense trauma that Weapon X inflicted upon his psyche.

The past Wolverine movie did a lot of damage to the character of Logan. And honestly, I'm hoping that something falls through and Fox drops the series, and then in a decade or so Marvel will get the rights back and finally do Wolverine right.
I agree with you 10000000000000% but it was Fox who made it and they wanted to make a ton of cash ... from kids, they don't give a crap about the character or his fans they just want families to go, enjoy it, then buy there little brat lots of toys for him to throw away withing a month.

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