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Default Re: how to fix wolverines character

Originally Posted by UnionJack View Post
Urg balls to TDK already, yes it was good but I'm very much over it.
I just think as of now Wolverine is far too watered down to redeem himself to where the fans want to see him, unless the next film is a total 180 and shows his rage rather and tears, which I very much doubt.
It will be another film where Fox shove in as many characters as they can so Marvel can't use them in a good way, probably cast another ****** musician to act poorly, no blood, no rage, no suit, just wife beater and most big soft hairy Wolvie the kiddies can lap up!
I understand the sentiment with TDK, it's gotten it's horn tooted quite a bit. Still, besides that, we also have things like the LOTR movies, again Pg-13 movies that have plenty of violence and were pretty adult in terms of storyline, but did very well at the B.O.

I wouldn't mind an R-rated Wolverine (as long as they don't make the punisher with claws like he's been in recent comics). But no studio is ever going to do that. So I just hope we'll get a well written, dark, Pg-13 movie. That would be fine with me. And you could easily do that. Lack of violence wasn't what hurt Wolverine: Origins. Lack of a good story and understanding of the character was.


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