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Default Re: how to fix wolverines character

Originally Posted by UnionJack View Post
True that and the addition of crappy characters who wasted good screen time!
If they do go to Japan in W2 then I hope we see the animal side of him and some good fun action, not asking for limps flying around, just if you stab someone it is only logical that some blood will be seen!

I would hope oneday we might get an X-Force film I am loving that comic, and he looks totally bad-ass in that suit.
If they do Japan, I really hope they stay true to the original Miller/Claremont 4ish mini. That mini is pretty much the epitome of my favorite wolverine graphic novel. That story is one of the big stories that's responsible for making Wolverine the multi-layered character he is now. It really delved into Wolverine's psyche and battle with his inner animal.


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