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Default Re: Can Batman escape the "Third Act Curse"?

Originally Posted by Two-Face View Post
I don't think what I said was stupid BR is a Tim Burton signature that's not a bad thing. I love his other films.
I agree it is a Tim Burton signature. It's when someone tries to argue it is "not a Batman film" that is just wrong.

Originally Posted by LightningFlash View Post
The atmosphere; BR has a much more gothic tone as to Burton's other films. '89 Batman just felt like a Batman story from the comics, without the over-the-top goth themes.
Just as I used in my example...

Arkham Asylum has a much more gothic tone like McKean's other work. So is it not a Batman comic?

As I said, there are many many ways to interpret Batman. He can be gothic, lighthearted, dark, scary, campy, or anywhere in between. Try reading Batman: Nosferatu, it's only about 1000x more gothic than anything in Batman Returns.

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