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Default Re: An idea of what next Superman film needs

Originally Posted by Peyton Westlake View Post
There is ONE thing I have never seen anyone mention or even want to know about Supes. Why he does it. We all know he is Superman & he chooses to because he wants to use his gift for the greater good. It was never really touched on more then a thought or two. What goes on in his head.....his heart. Why an alien in our world cares so much for people he is disconnected with & has no ties to. If a writer can come up with a big time reason & show it in a film,along with showing how 'super' he can be....I think that is a starting point.
Personally, I always thought the "goodness" of Superman was what was the true "ubermench" aspect of him. That is, it came from the human influence, and his upbringing, and that showcased the best of US, rather than his physical prowess.

In other words, his "motivation" was that it was the right thing to do, and he was brought up in such a wholesome environment that it was all the motivation he needed.
He just had more ability to do it with.

You will never be forgoten Robert.

Thanks Cconn, for the avvy.

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