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Default Re: Can Batman escape the "Third Act Curse"?

Originally Posted by RustyCage View Post
I don't see what's wrong with Tim Burton having his own take on Batman based on his preferred style. I thought Tim managed to be personal while still being appropriate with Returns. It was artful, and while it was unique for Batman, that didn't make it somehow 'not Batman'.

Batman is a very versatile series, even with Burton aside, that should be thoroughly obvious.

Also, Lightning, I don't see why 'rivalry' as you described it has to be involved for it to be a good story. The villains can be interesting without being the ultimate elemental opposite of Batman. And Batman can still be compelling when he's just being Batman rather than necessarily competing with his greatest enemy. By your implied standards, the Joker is basically the only villain worth putting in a film, and I think that's an utter waste of loads of great story material.
I think each villain has his/her own purpose and contribution to the story, whether it's a physical challenge, (Bane) a mental one, (Joker) an intellectual one, (Riddler) an emotional one, (Catwoman) or a moral challenge (Two Face). I personally have yet to understand what Oswald brings to the table, but that's just me.

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