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Default Re: how to fix wolverines character

Originally Posted by Infinity9999x View Post
I just hope it has better writing. That was my main complaint about Origins. All the cast was pretty solid. Yeah, lots of people rag on Will I Am, but you know what? I thought he was all right. Certainly not glaringly bad like Hayden Christensen in Star Wars.

The problem was largely the script. It was Wolverine's Origin as told by a little kid's picture book. They toned down all the darker aspects and gave us cookie cutter action fare. And they turned Wolverine from an anti-hero to a Hero, but still tried to keep the storyline about the struggle with his inner animal, which doesn't really work when Wolverine was more tame then X1 or X2.

But hopefully the new movie will fix that.

I completely agree. The cast got flack before the film was made but I didn't have a problem with the actors. The pace and script were awful and the action was ridiculously bad.

He has been tamed on screen. The way he was in the bar in X-1 is the closest we've come to seeing the actual character come to life. He kept to himself, was dark and scowled at people. Make him mean, with not much to say and trying to keep to himself. I wish the character had more internal monologues than actual lines in the film. I'd rather know what's going on in his head than him joking about "Coo Koo Kachoo".

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