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Default Re: Official Transformers ROTF merchandise thread.

So, I just picked up Battle Blades Bumblebee (which is definitely movie-verse, but is post-'Revenge') and it's nothing short of fantastic. It's far too good for a deluxe. The robot mode and Camaro mode are prit-near perfect. I'd post some official images, but even they fail in comparison to the toy's true potential. There's three main gimmicks in the toy's robot mode: 1. The battle mask - it's a nice little touch, 2. The battle "blade" - it's more of an energon axe which folds up nicely and springs out with a lot of force, and my favorite, 3. The arm cannon - Bee's hand folds up, and the cannon folds out of his arm to replace his hand... it's out of the way when not used, and looks great when it is. It's fantastic.

So, yeah, a major bang for your buck (I forgot to mention the detail and relatively-sensible transformation) and by far the best deluxe Bumblebee. I was excited before buying it, and ecstatic now that I actually have. If you're a fan of the film toyline, this is a must-have.

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