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Awesome The Batman (1966) Appreciation Thread

I'm a huge fan of Adam West's Batman show. Along with the Tim Burton movies, and BTAS, I grew up watching re-runs of this show, and it only enhanced my Batman fan love.

The tongue was firmly in cheek on this show, as it was based off the campy era of the Batman comics in the late 40's, 50's, and 60's. That ironically makes this TV show perhaps the most loyal on screen adaption of Batman to date.

Everyone in Hollywood wanted to appear on this show. The demand got so great that the show's producers came up with that scenario where Batman and Robin would be climbing a building, and someone would pop their head out of a window and speak to them briefly. That someone was always a celebrity.

The show boasted some impressive set pieces, most notably the Batcave:

We also got several Bat vehicles, including the Batmobile, Bat Cycle, and Batboat,, Batgirl's Batcycle, and Bat-copter.

The rogues gallery of villains included several major ones from the comics, including Cesar Romero as The Joker, Burgess Meredith as The Penguin, Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether, and Eartha Kitt all played Catwoman at some point, and Frank Gorshin as The Riddler. In fact it was Gorshin's high energy maniacal performance that launched The Riddler's popularity and status as a major Batman villain.

The show ran for three season from 1966-1968, and even got a major motion picture spin off after it's first season, which saw Batman and Robin taking on their four major villains Joker, Penguin, Catwoman, and Riddler, as they plot to take over the world by dehydrating the United Nations leaders. Bruce Wayne also gets to romance the sexy Russian reporter, Miss Kitka, who is in actuality Catwoman.

The movie was a great success, and delivered one of the most memorable sequences to Batman fans:

Another major Batman character was introduced in the show's third and final season, Batgirl. Barbara Gordon, daughter of Police Commissioner Gordon, joined the show as a permanent cast member, joining Batman and Robin in their crime fighting adventures in every episode. She was played by Yvonne Craig:

So enter all ye fans of this cult classic show. Discuss your favorite episodes, your favorite villains, your favorite moments, discuss all things 1966 Batman show related.

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