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Default Re: A New Director After Nolan?

def no zack snyder...his movies are all to similar it would just feel like a re-hash of others he has done.

I'm personally hoping for a totally new direction..such as a Batman & Superman movie after Nolan that way the director could take it a ton of new places, I feel the batman mythos has been told quite extensively so far especially compared to other super heroes (it will be what? 7 movies?)

Sure we haven't gotten our robin origins or anything yet but I think that will come in a couple years down the road after our tongues will be wet for more batman oriented stories.

With that said, I would love for Andrew Adamson.

I might get flamed for that, since his only experience is from the shrek & chronicals of narnia however the scenary i feel he chose and the image he chose to display narnia, could of really had that superman feel, as well as that dark feel.

Could portray nicely to a batman/superman film visually.

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