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Default Re: Team Sif/Team Foster?

Originally Posted by TheCorpulent1 View Post
Not just the Aesir; all the gods seem to be like that. It goes with the territory of having genuinely colossal power, living forever, and being worshiped, I think.
That would only apply to the Skyfathers and a choice handful besides. Your average Asgardian isn't all that impressive, at least not by MU standards. A good number they need apples, ambrosia or whatever to artificially extend their lifespan, so they aren't truly immortal. There are mutants who are! As far as I am concerned they aren't 'gods' either, not any more than Mad Jim Jaspers for example. Primitives might have bowed before them as such but plucky humans know better now . One has to wonder how much power they've already lost considering no one really worships them anymore...

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