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Default Re: how to fix wolverines character

I just think Wolverine needs a better writer and director, thats what really brought down the movie.

Hugh Jackman IS Wolverine i can't picture anyone as Wolverine except for maybe Gary Sinise.

He was amazing in x1 and x2 he was great as well , though i liked him more in the first one, x3 he was still good but was starting to lighten up.

The one thing id say in defense to why each movie he seemed to become less and less anti hero like because well the characted needed to evolve and i think as the movies progressed Wolverine started to become more of a team player , if he was just the same throughout the movies i think people would have gotten bored of him not to mention i dont think Jackman is the kind of guy who likes to have his charactes evvole and make challenges for him self, just sayin

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