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Default Re: how to fix wolverines character

speaking of Wolverine, the closest that I've seen to a Wolverine-type character is.......Rambo!

Recently, I went on a Rambo watching binge and watched all 4 of the films. Never saw the 4th film and was too young to remember the 1st 3 when they came out.

But, as I watched the films, I was struck by how similar the characters of Wolverine and Rambo are. I mean, obviously there are differences, but, imo, you could take the stories of the Rambo films, replace Rambo with Wolverine, and I could see that as a Wolverine comic story or graphic novel.

Especially the 4th film. With both characters, you have a man who has seen ( and been through ) some serious **** in his life. He's haunted and traumatized by it ( except Wolverine may not remember it ).

He's grown cynical of the world and humanity at large. He just wants to be left alone, to live a simple, quiet life ( with Rambo, it's in Thailand, with Wolverine it's Japan ). When someone asks him to get involved with some conflict or problem, he tells them to **** off, not his problem.

But, underneath the cold, gruff exterior, there's a man who does have a heart, who does care. And when he gets involved, he really gets involved. That is, things get bloody, body parts fly, and bad guys

The phrase "I'm the best at what I do, and what I do isn't very nice" could be applied to both Rambo and Wolverine. Except, you would believe it with Rambo based on what he does in the films. Whenever there's a sticky situation or dangerous mission, you go to Rambo to get the job done.

When Wolverine says that line in Origins, you don't buy it because.....well....he didn't exactly do

In Rambo IV, when Rambo is preparing to save the missionaries, he says something like "Killing is in my blood. When pushed, killing's as easy as breathing." I'm paraphrasing, but that applies to Wolverine as well.

oh...and Stallone's Rambo, while not being 5'3", is NOT the tallest guy in the movie....

So...yeah.....Rambo was closer to how I'd like to see Wolverine on film than Wolverine ever was in the X films, and especially in Origins.....

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