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Default Re: how to fix wolverines character

1) Practical effects always look better than CGI. Wolverine was filled with atrocious CGI.
2) Make Logan kill more than 4 or 5 people in the entirety of the film. You had a chance to make the breakout of the Weapon X facility awesome and you have him streak naked straight to the door and stab 2 guys.
3) Raw anger. I am tired of Logan being a pussycat. He forgot everything at the end of the last film so what does he have to be angry about now? Leaving his jacket in Gambit's plane?
4) Blood...come on, at least have some blood or de-limbing in the next movie. Logan doesn't have to curse and we don't need to see his butt, so put in some more violence to supplement the PG 13 rating...push the boundaries like TDK did.
5) Stop with the hero good guy crap. Make his choices questionable, make him selfish. Logan isn't a villain but he is not a hero. He may do the right thing but his path there is not the path of a hero.


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