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Default Re: how to fix wolverines character

The level to which I don't give a crap about the height thing is just at epic proportions at this point.

I wasn't a reader of the comics when I saw the first movie, I didn't know he was supposed to be shorter, and was able to notice that it was a great performance of a character I knew nothing about going in. It got me to start reading the comics, something I had no interest in before the movie.

And even now, 10 years later, I've read plenty of Wolverine comics and truly love the character outside of the movies...I still don't care. To me, it's a total non-issue and it doesn't affect the portrayal of the character at all.

I don't care that he's good-looking either. (in fact, I enjoy that. you boys have your eye-candy, we can have ours too) ) Again, I don't feel any of that affects the portrayal of the character...and I say that now as someone who reads the comics.

He needs a better damn script, not to be shorter and uglier. That's just nitpicking.

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