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Default Re: how to fix wolverines character

Danoyse, what fans want is to see is what the comics has portrayed since 73. Wolverine was designed to be a short, violent, bad tempered little man with a chip on his shoulder, a chip that one gets from being picked on a lot when young and small. I know this cause I grew up short and small, with the picking (lol.) In Logan's case small and sick. it is no different to Wolverine fans to want this than it would be for Superman fans to want a tall muscular good looking man to be Supes. the argument has been used that Superman has to be tall and built because it effects the character. this is no more true than it is for the Wolverine character. Superman's strength and power do not come from his muscle but the power of the yellow sun so why would he big and strong except it being the way he was designed and drawn. We all want a better script and better Character development, but we also want to see what was created on the screen, not that I'm saying you argue the Supes argument just using it as an example. As for Logan being ugly, I don't believe he has to be, I see him looking a lot like Clint Eastwood, most find him good looking, but that would be ruggedly so not pretty. I personally think Hugh looks wise is dead on, he is just to tall for this role, as a wolverine fan that is the way I see it. I personally would love to see someone (like) Christian Kane in the role, because he isn't so short as to be toooo short and not toooo tall, just average in height.

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