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Default Re: how to fix wolverines character

Originally Posted by truth View Post
I think you really need to appreciate what the creators of the character did. Just saying you don't give a crap about his height, is disrespecting a CRUCIAL aspect of his character.

Comics are a visual medium. A lot of casting is not about how well you act, but how you LOOK. The great Brando can't do ALL roles, because he may not have looked the part for some roles.

Hugh Jackman is a fine actor. He out-acted Bale in Prestige, in my opinion. But for Wolverine, him being tall is a big deal. He exhudes the wrong aura needed for Wolverine. A MAJOR part of Wolverine's character and what has made him so loved for so long is because he is different. He's not the guy that gets all the girls. He's the outsider, who is violent, short and with a temper. That is the opposite of Jackman. Not matter how hard Hugh tries, and he did in the role, he just can't do what Nicholson or Hoffman could have done in their younger days. Yes, they are much better actors but the role of Wolverine is more suited to them because of their features and their IMAGE.

You need to respect how important the visual image of Wolverine is. It goes hand-in-hand with the performance.
Well, to an extent. But I would argue a good actor can overcome visual challenges. Keaton as Batman for example.

However, this issue of height against Hugh being cast is, quite frankly, stupid. In film he can LOOK SHORTER. The problem is not his height, it's the director's lack of really going for the signature Wolverine look. They could have done that with Hugh. They just needed to get more creative with filming. Sure, it would have been more of a pain in the ass, and easier to cast a shorter person, but they could have done it.

Also, I really don't get the idea that Wolverine "doesn't" get girls, or the notion he is ugly. He's never been ugly. He's rugged, but he gets lots of ladies if you've ever read the comics.

And again, I just want Fox to fix the cruddy script writing. Then I'll start piping up about height. It's classic problem solving. Tackle the REALLY important stuff first. However, it is good news to hear that they're staying close to the 4ish mini that Claremont and Miller wrote. Best, and most influential, Wolverine story told in my opinion.


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