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Default Re: how to fix wolverines character

Originally Posted by truth View Post
True, the writing is atrocious and that is th FIRST port of call. Origins was really a joke. Like a super and very expensive gag. But I fear it is still the same "we will stick to the comics" talk to appease the fans, but it will get watered down to PG 13 tripe.

Back to Jackman. There is the height issue but for me, when watching X1 and the others, he just did not do it for me. That could be his height, it could be his lack of embodying the character or just his acting. I just never felt that the character really had the effect he should have on you. Wolverine should jump out at you.

Many have cited Nicholson in Wolf. You can cite Nicholson in anything. The guy grabs your attention. He really owns that screen and you can't help but take notice. That is what Wolverine should be.
While I agree an R-rated Wolverine wouldn't be bad (as opposed to people who want an R-rated Bats) I think a Pg-13 Wolverine could work just fine. LOTR and TDK are two fine examples of handling dark, and violent material in a pg-13 film.

Also, I do agree that all the film incarnations of Wolverine didn't quite hit the right mark, I don't blame it on Hugh. Even in X1, at his most anti-hero esque, they still wrote him fairly tame. And there's nothing Hugh can do about that.

And I think Nicholson (younger obviously) wouldn't have been a bad Wolverine, certainly different. Clint Eastwood is always the obvious fantasy cast for me. However, I always wondered how Russel Crowe would have done in the role.


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