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Default Re: how to fix wolverines character

Originally Posted by danoyse View Post
. He really does love the character .
oh yes. He loves the money it brings him.

Originally Posted by truth View Post
Do you think Wolverine would have been as popular as he is now if he was made to look as tall and graceful as Hugh Jackman back in the beginning?
Is it a good thing he is popular? At the expense of other X-men getting shafted.

Originally Posted by WolverineXtreme View Post

The only hope that I can have is that after Jackman is done with the some point in the future they'll probably reboot the whole X-men franchise......and maybe then we can get a shorter actor to play the role.
Heh, Jackman won't leave till he can squeeze every cent out of the character and in the process utterly destroying Wolverine's dignity in the general publics eye.

Its already halfway there.

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