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Default Re: how to fix wolverines character

Originally Posted by truth View Post
Let me give y'all an example.

Do you think that there was any real conscious thought when the artist that created Wolverine made him short and menacing? Just think about that for a moment. I'm sure that those of you who have ever drawn or tried to make characters, the height of the character is an important aspect. It's not just a visual thing, but it's part of the personality you want to give a character.

It's a fact. Short people are different from tall people. All the short people I have known have always had a certain characterisitic based on the fact of people teasing them because of their size, and them always having to make that extra effort to get noticed. It's been happening since the beginning of time and will always happen.
All tall people I have met are mostly the same. They all share the fact that they have to look down on MOST people, and others commenting on how tall they are. Their personalities are in stark contrast to short people.

Back to the drawings. If I am creating a character and I make him short, I do so for a reason. I just don't make him short just for the sake of it. Something in my head is saying that this character has to be short because I envision a trait for this kind of character. Taking Wolverine as the example, we see how he has been portrayed in the comics and the cartoon series. He is menacing and always with a short-temper and anger issue. I am sure that the artist working with the writer decided that to best portray this guy's PARTICULAR rage, it has to come from a short guy.
Remember, tall people DO get angry also and are menacing. Sabretooth as an example. But the manner in which he is angry and menacing is in different taste to how Wolverine is angry and menacing.
I tell you this now. Do you think Wolverine would have been as popular as he is now if he was made to look as tall and graceful as Hugh Jackman back in the beginning?
Okay, to begin with the whole personality examination on short vs. tall is pretty much moot. People are different. That's just the way it is. I've know shy short people, extroverted short people, angry short people, calm, friendly, grouchy ect. ect. Same with tall.

Trying to base someone's personality solely off height is stupid, because hundreds of factors go into a persons personality. And it depends on the person how big a factor their height plays.

Now, I do agree that Wolverine's height was always meant to be important to the character. But forget all this in-depth examination of the psyche of short people. The answer to why his height is important can be drawn from one simple thing: His Name. Wolverine. A short, vicious, incredibly persistent, and tough animal.

Now, I will have to say, that after seeing Hugh in Origins, I'd be more apt to name him Bear then Wolverine, because Hugh was gigantic.

However, the main argument I have against this is that Jackman COULD have been made to look shorter. This is not his fault. And Jackman worked well with what he had in X1 and X2. The fact of the matter is, the scripts for all of the movies, even the first two, didn't let Wolverine really cut loose the way he's supposed to. Again, that's not Jackman's fault.

I would like to see a shorter Wolverine in the future. Around 5'7 to 5'9ish. I don't want to see a 5'3 Wolverine, simply because he's not drawn like that in comics, today anyways. He's much closer to a 5'8 height.


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