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Default Re: how to fix wolverines character

Originally Posted by wolverinextreme View Post

i think the height issue affects ppl differently. For some, it doesn't really matter. And i respect that.

But, for others, like myself, it is a big deal. And that's because, that's how wolverine was originally intended to be. For me, it is part of his character.

Just like truth said, the creators made a conscious decision to make wolverine short. Now whether it was originally 5'5" or 5'3", the fact is, wolverine was intentionally created to be shorter than the typical male superhero.

And the reason why i'm particularly passionate about the issue is because i'm wolverine's height! I'm 5'3" inches myself. Even if by some miracle, at the age of 27, i'm able to grow a bit more, i'm still going to be stuck around this height. So....yeah...i'm a short guy myself. Just like wolverine.

The ironic thing is, i didn't realize wolverine was actually my height until x1 came out. To prepare myself for the movie, i started reading about the characters online. I was shocked to learn that wolverine was actually my height! And then i looked up the actor playing him in x1 and was disappointed to see he was 6'3"! I was!!

And this disappointment continued after seeing x1. I started buying and reading wolverine comics. And i saw a character in those comics who was supposed to be height.

So....yeah.....maybe it's because i'm short myself that i have this viewpoint on the whole height. Maybe that's why, for me, it is such a big deal.

The only hope that i can have is that after jackman is done with the some point in the future they'll probably reboot the whole x-men franchise......and maybe then we can get a shorter actor to play the role.



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